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  • Fits Yamaha RD 125 RD125 Pair Rubber Air Intake Boot Joint 1973 74 New
  • Fits Honda SL350 K1 K2 Carb Air Cleaner Boot Tube Pair New
  • Suzuki TM 250 TM250 Air Rubber Boot Joint 1972 75 New
  • Fits Montesa Cappra VR Air Boot 3362.061 New
  • Fits Kawasaki KX125 Air Boot 1974 1975 New 14073 1021
  • Fits Yamaha Rubber Air Boot Joint YR1 YR2 R3 1967 1969 New 168 14453 00 00
  • Fits Yamaha AT2 CT2 DT125A Rubber Polyurethane Air Boot Joint New 314 14453 00
  • Honda Z50 Air Filter Cleaner Element Housing w Boot
  • Fits Honda CT200 CT90 1964 66 Air Intake Carb Rubber Boot New 17253 033 000
  • Fits Harley Aermacchi 250 Rubber Carb to Air Box Boot 1976 78 New 29033 75P
  • 1980 1983 KZ00 440 Air Filter Box Boots
  • Fits Yamaha Rubber Air Boot Joint AT1 CT1 1969 71 New 248 14453 00 00
  • Fits Yamaha DT250B DT250C DT400B DT400C Air Boot Joint New
  • Suzuki TS400 Air Rubber Boot Joint 1973 77 New 13881 32600
  • 1983 1984 Husqvarna 500 Air Intake Boot for 40 44mm Carburetors
  • 1969 Honda CT 90 CT90 Air Intake Boot Carburetor
  • Fits Honda Rubber Air Boot Joint XL350 K0 K1 1974 75 New 17222 356 000
  • 1980 Yamaha XJ650 XJ 650 Maxim Y581' air intake rubber boot set
  • Fits Honda CT200 CT90 1964 67 Air Intake Carb Rubber Boot New 17253 033 020
  • Fits Honda Rubber Air Boot Joint XL100 XL125 1976 78 New 17253 382 671
  • YAMAHA REPRODUCTION AIR INTAKE BOOT 1970 RT1 1971 RT1B 275 14453 00 00 RP
  • 1970 1971 Honda CT 90 CT90 Air Intake Boot Carburetor
  • Fits Yamaha 1970 72 DS7 R5 Pair Rubber Air Intake Boot Joint 278 14453 00


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