Air Boot

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  • Fits Yamaha Rubber Air Boot Joint DT125 DT175 1980 1981 RT180
  • CZ Air Boot, 980 16 020
  • Fits Suzuki T305 T350 1966 72 Air box Intake rubber Boot NEW
  • Suzuki TS400 Air Rubber Boot Joint 1973 77 New 13881 32600
  • Fits Yamaha LS2 1972 Air Boot Joint Rubber Pair New
  • Fits Kawasaki KH400 S2 S3 Air Intake Rubber Boot Set New 11015 024
  • Honda 750 Carburetor Air Boot Clamps 750 650 95018 50250
  • Honda CB500 Carburetor Air Box Boot Carb 500 550 CB550K CB550F 17310 323 010B
  • Honda New CB750 Carburetor Air Box Boot Carb 750 CB750K 17253 341 300
  • Fits Yamaha CS3 YCS1 1970 71 Rubber Polyurethane Air Boot Joint New 193 14453 00
  • New OEM Honda Airbox Air Boot Larger Diameter CR125 CR 125 2002 2003 2004 2007
  • Air Filter Cleaner, with boot clamp 1 1973 1974 1975 Honda XL175 XL 175
  • Fits Honda CB500K CB550K CB550F Air Tube Rubber Boot Set 1971 77 17310 323 010B
  • Fits Yamaha Carb to Air Box Joint Boot DT400 DT 400 1975 76
  • Fits Honda CR125 1976 1977 1978 Elsinore Air Tube Rubber Boot Joint New
  • Fits Honda SL350 K1 K2 Carb Air Cleaner Boot Tube Pair New
  • HONDA CT 90 CT90 air intake boot to carburator new reproduction like originals
  • HONDA CT90 trail 90 AIR BOOT carb to frame rubber new air boot
  • Fits Yamaha Rubber Air Boot Joint AT1 CT1 1969 71 New 248 14453 00 00
  • Fits Yamaha AT2 CT2 DT125A Rubber Polyurethane Air Boot Joint New 314 14453 00
  • Maico Air boot fits 1982 84 Alpha Spider SC models new
  • HONDA CARB AIR BOOTS 69 76 CB750K FOUR 75 76 CB750F SUPER SPORT 17253 341 300
  • Fits Suzuki T90 T125 Air Boot Rubber Joint 13881 20000


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